May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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CyDesign Labs was founded in late 2011 to develop a cloud platform for model-based product engineering. At CyDesign, we believe that the cloud is the future of engineering design. Our product architecture is designed from the ground up to be deployed and operated in a cloud environment – public or private, open or classified, big or small. Our primary goal is to allow engineers to configure, model, and analyze a vast array of design alternatives and to optimize their designs based on requirements.

In October 2013, CyDesign Labs was acquired by ESI Group SA, a leader in virtual product engineering. Under ESI's leadership, CyDesign is focusing on the development and deployment of model-based product engineering solutions for the global automotive and aerospace communities. CyDesign solutions are powered by CyModelica, a proprietary high-performance Modelica compiler and solver.

CyDesign Labs is based in San Jose, CA, with a subsidiary in Coventry, UK