March 10–12, 2014 in Lund, Sweden
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Session 3D: Electrical Power Systems

Title: Modelling of Electrical Power Systems with Dynamic Phasors in Modelica
Authors: Tao Yang, Serhiy Bozhko and Greg Asher
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Flexible modeling of electrical power systems - the Modelica PowerSystems library
Authors: Rüdiger Franke and Hansjürg Wiesmann
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Implementation of a Multi-Level Power Electronic Inverter Library in Modelica
Authors: Christopher Hill, Paolo Giangrande, Chris Gerada and Serhiy Bozhko
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Mixed phasor and time domain modelling of AC networks with changeover management
Authors: Hakan Parildar and Alberto Leva
Links: Abstract, Full paper