March 10–12, 2014 in Lund, Sweden
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Session 3A: Automotive Applications: FMI & HIL

Title: Significant Reduction of Validation Efforts for Dynamic Light Functions with FMI for Multi-Domain Integration and Test Platform
Authors: Stefan-Alexander Schneider, Johannes Frimberger and Michael Folie
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Hardware In The Loop Simulation with Modelica - A Design Tool for Thermal Management Systems
Authors: Sidney Baltzer, Thomas Lichius, Jörg Gissing, Peter Jeck, Lutz Eckstein and Jörg Küfen
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Integrated Vehicle Thermal Management in Modelica: Overview and Applications
Authors: John Batteh, Jesse Gohl and Chandrasekar Sureshkumar
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Virtual Integration for hybrid powertrain development, using FMI and Modelica models
Authors: Lionel Belmon
Links: Abstract, Full paper