March 10–12, 2014 in Lund, Sweden
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Session 6A: Mechanical Systems

Title: Modelling elastomer buffers with DyMoRail
Authors: Elisabeth Dumont and Werner Maurer
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: A Modelica Contact Library for Idealized Simulation of Independently Defined Contact Surfaces
Authors: Felix Oestersötebier, Peng Wang and Ansgar Trächtler
Links: Abstract, Full paper, Attachment

Title: The OneWind Modelica Library for Wind Turbine Simulation with Flexible Structure - Modal Reduction Method in Modelica
Authors: Philipp Thomas, Xin Gu, Roland Samlaus, Claudio Hillmann and Urs Wihlfahrt
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Simulating Collisions within the Modelica MultiBody library
Authors: Andreas Hofmann, Lars Mikelsons, Ines Gubsch and Christian Schubert
Links: Abstract, Full paper